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Day in the Life: Pre-Deployment

There are a thousand reasons for a Day-In-The-Life session with me.  I can think of no better reason than to want to hold on to the everyday moments that you will miss as you prepare to be deployed to service.  I was beyond thrilled to travel to North Carolina to photograph 24 hours in the […]


Mom Project: Hannah R

When Hannah contacted me wanting to document the bedtime routine in her home, I was over the moon excited.  I love it when my clients truly get me, and what my photography stands for.  This is real life.  This is what bedtime looks like.  It won’t be like this forever, and I’m so glad she […]


Mom Project: Ashley W

While everyone else is preparing to celebrate Dad this weekend, I’m still celebrating Mom!  The Mom Project is built on celebrating the everyday life of a Mom.  To get her in front of the camera with her children.  Not to photograph what they look like, but instead, to photograph what is feels like to be […]

Maria BLOG-24

Mom Project: Maria S

Some Mom Project sessions need no introduction.  Meet Maria and her adorable twin girls.   1) Sophia and Elsa – 3 years old   2) What I love most about being a mom is the unconditional love that my kids have for me and their family. I can be having the worst or hardest of […]

Oh I love him..

In Tribute.

I’m a pretty open book.  Some would say I over-share on Facebook, or go a little over board in the photo department.  I’m OK with that.  Tonight, I walk the line of over-sharing. I met my husband in 1998 and instantly fell in love.  His energy, his demeanor, his ‘way’ with things was strangely calming […]


Redefining the family photograph | MN Family Documentary Photography

You may be here because you have been a fan of my work for a while.  Or you are brand new here, and know nothing about me.  Either way, whatever your reason…I am so glad you are here. Many of you know, that I was interviewed by Amy Hockert from Fox 9 News.  Don’t worry […]