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Red Wing MN Newborn Documentary Photography

Baby Fanslow | In Home Newborn Photography | Red Wing MN

Oh those first few days of Motherhood.  They are more blurry than your vision after being startled awake too soon.  The days seem an endless routine of diapers, feedings, all-too-short naps and just plain trying to figure it all out. At least….that’s how it was for me.  I am always in awe of those new […]

Red Wing MN newborn documentary photography

Baby Bluhm | In home Newborn | Red Wing MN Newborn Photography

“Home, we know, is not just the place where you happen to be born.  It’s the place where you become yourself” – Pico Lyer   There are a thousand ways to photograph a newborn.  In baskets, wrapped in blankets, with or without headbands, tucked in tight, or sprawled out and screaming. For me, there really […]

Red Wing MN Child Photographer

Introducing: 10 IN 20 Studio Sessions

By now (hopefully) you’ve heard the exciting news that I will be subleasing a gorgeous studio space in Ellsworth WI.  Perfect for those long cold winter months when shooting outdoors just isn’t possible.  My goal is to continue to shoot in my documentary style that you’ve come to love – in a studio space that […]

red wing family photographer, MN Family Photography, Minnesota documentary photography

Mom Project: Robyn H

Dear Mom in transition- I know life seems in limbo, and you only have eyes to focus on your next step, but please know that you are doing fine.  Trust in your decisions.  Keep loving your kids.  Keep trusting in your next step.  You got this. _______________________________________________________ From Robyn: Kaitlyn: 19 Willie:  10 Brayden:  7 […]

Red Wing MN family photographer, documentary family photography, minnesota family photographer

A New Normal | Red Wing, MN Family Photography

I could say lots of pretty words here that explain to you why photography like this is important.  But instead, I’ll share the reaction from Mom after viewing her gallery: “Ahhh. Puppet shows, playing games, climbing trees, and snuggling together…with just a pinch of preschooler drama. That IS my life. And I wouldn’t trade it […]


Lupella Family: Welcome Baby O!

The first few days of life are a blur, especially for Moms. The hormones, the realization of the change in your life, the beginning of a whole new identity.  Let me document the first few days of motherhood.  The first few days of life.  The first few days of the shift in your world. Welcome […]