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ODonnell Family | Lake City, MN Day in the Life Photography

There will come a day when your children will wake up without your reminders.  They will stay in their rooms far too long and emerge ready for the day without your assistance.  You won’t see their sleepy eyes, their tangled hair from a good night’s sleep, or their sleepy grin as they greet the day. […]

Prints to Me Snapshot prints

My favorite things: Prints To Me

Remember back when I first told you about my favorite new company, Books to Me?  If you missed it, click here! Booksto.Me is an incredible service where for a small monthly fee (or every three months, if you prefer) they will pull all your Instagram images from the previous month (or every three months if you […]


Photography and Creme Brulee

Ever notice how everyone has their “thing”? My Husband loves hunting, my 15 year old girl loves all things makeup, and my 12 year old daughter loves Minecraft.  None of which interest me as much as it interests them. My thing?  Photography. I love it, I know a ton about it, I research it in […]

Heart of Life In home lifestyle photography_12

Hove Family: A Cozy Winter’s Day | Red Wing Lifestyle Photography

You know those days.  It’s getting cold, the Holidays are approaching.  Winter is is at your door and you naturally begin the process of hunkering down.  Some quality family time is definitely the cure for those cold winter days.  Putting up the tree, watching the football game, and a family game of Jenga are the […]


Best of 2014

2014 was a big year for me.  I started a year long mentorship with Kirsten Lewis click here to see her work.   I had no idea just how far I would come in this year.  The struggles, the tears, the trying, the failing, and eventually, succeeding. I began 2014 with the goal of gaining confidence in […]

family documentary photography, Red Wing MN

Your extraordinary, ordinary life | Day in the Life Photography Red Wing MN

At the time it’s nothing special, really.  You’re just hanging out, as usual.  The little one is watching “Frozen” for the 13th time today.  The boys are playing Minecraft and stopping only for a random sword fight or peanut butter sandwich.  It’s too cold to play outside, and they’ve been stuck in the house too […]